Benjamin having a Costa-lookalike moment. Watson, 2018. Photo credit: David Turbayne.

Benjamin having a Costa-lookalike moment. Watson, 2018. Photo credit: David Turbayne.



Good Ground Horticulture is a garden design and horticulture business based in Canberra. We aim to design, create and shape gardens that are earth- & climate-sensitive, soulful, and support people feeling grounded and content in nature. We specialise in native, edible and medicinal plants.

Good Ground Horticulture is run and managed by Benjamin Taylor. Ben has been designing and creating gardens ever since his design ‘Grounding’ won a bronze medal in the student section of the 2015 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. Ben’s designs are soulful and natural in character, and firmly planted in ecological principles. Ben’s gardens are influenced by therapeutic design principles and his personal interest in the way gardens support people’s hearts and minds, and their sense of belonging to this troubled and beautiful world.

Good Ground Horticulture can help with all aspects of garden care, implementation and development across plants, soil and water. We have a strong ethic of sharing our knowledge and skills so that our clients can come to feel more and more confident in managing their own gardens. Good Ground Horticulture provides sound, practical and enabling advice, as well as experienced hands to help your garden to thrive.



On coming back to Australia in 2012 after a long time away, Ben felt drawn to learn about plants, especially those native to Australia. After finishing his Associate Degree in Environmental Horticulture at the University of Melbourne, he worked with one of Melbourne’s most passionate and experienced gardeners, Karen Sutherland. He also worked at the much-loved CERES Permaculture and Bushfood Nursery in East Brunswick, alongside running his own garden design business.

Ben moved to Canberra with his wife in the winter of 2017. He lives in Aranda, and works regularly at the Australian National Botanic Gardens as a Ranger and Educator.